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Guest Message by DevFuse

Most Liked Content

#236 The little plus and minus buttons...

Posted by 777 on 08 July 2011 - 05:24 AM

Hello again. :) I hope I'm not asking to many questions, but somebodies got too.

I notice that at the bottom right corner of each post, there is a small red and green button. You can vote the post up or down. I'm not exactly sure of this button as on the profile page of each member, it shows his/her reputation according to these buttons. If you click the green one, the member who posted whatever you voted up will get 1 good rating.

I'm not sure if this system will work too well as this is what I can see happening:

- First, you can vote your own posts up. Perhaps this is a feature that you can disable? I was testing this fact this morning and indeed, I've given myself 2 extra +'s.

- I'm not sure if people will use them very often. I noticed on forums and such that things like FB like buttons and twitter buttons don't get clicked very often. This is, of course, just my 2 cents... :) The problem with this is that, if people aren't really using the buttons, even those with hundreds of posts and excellent reputations will still have a banner on their page that says "neutral reputation".

Perhaps these are things that can be easily changed. I dunno... Again, this is just my suggestion. Maybe disable the ability to vote ones own post up, and also change the name of it from reputation to something like "popularity of posts". What are your thoughts on this?

I hope my wording isn't offensive at all. This is just a suggestion. Either way, I still love this forum!

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#215 Copper Esterbrook $1.50 Pen & Pencil Set!

Posted by 777 on 07 July 2011 - 05:33 PM

Well, this is my first post on this forum. I came over from the Fountain Pen Network after the marketplace changed... I love this new forum! Reminds me of the old days on FPN!

Anyway, I'm a well established and trusted seller over on FPN, so I'm going to strive to earn the same reputation here as well... :)

Today I have a very nice pen and pencil set that's in outstanding condition! It's an Esterbrook Dollar Pen/Pencil set in the color copper. This set is in perfect working condition and has been professionally restored by me. The pen takes ink, and writes very nicely. The pencil also works perfectly. It expels led when the top is pushed. It still has the double sided eraser and is mostly unused. The pencil is filled with about 5 pieces of the original lead (.036" diameter).

To get specific here's what was done with the pen: New sac installed and dusted in pure talc for smooth functioning. Nib was cleaned very thoroughly. The 9550 nib has been dip tested and tuned by me to ensure excellent performance. This is a great nib! It's an Extra-Fine that writes a true EX line. For this size of nib it's considerably smooth and is not to dry or to wet. 5/10 I'd say on the wetness scale. Pen was cleaned and polished to a gorgeous shine! This pens cosmetic condition is as near perfect you can get without being mint. Almost no micro-scratching at all. and absolutely no scratches, dings, cracks, or gouges.

The pen is a 1941-1942, H (Demi) model. It's on the small side but would make a superb pocket pen!

The only, only cosmetic quibble with this pen is this: the gorgeous 9550 nib has some very, very small dotted nib pitting spots. Just look at the pictures. If this bothers/discourages potential buyers at all please let me know. I can exchange it for a different nib per request. I'm just selling it with this one cause' it's original.

This is truly a stunning pen/pencil set that needs a loving home.

Price is $100.00 shipped (CONUS only) which I believe is a very fair price for this pen. I've seen sets in this good of condition go for over $150.00. Add $5.00 for international members. PayPal please.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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#4443 Deccan Advocate Junior: Ebonite Eyedropper

Posted by Mesu on 19 May 2014 - 06:59 AM

Deccan Pen Stores are renowned pen manufacturers from Hyderabad India, manufacturing handmade ebonite pens for over 60 years.
For sale are Advocate Jr pens from Deccan.
Available in 4 colors, these pens are the smaller versions of the popular model from Deccan, Advocate Sr.
The tapered section is very comfortable for extended periods of writing.
Colors: Green, Brown, Tan and Black   
Filling System: Eyedropper    
Dimensions: 14.5cm capped, 13cm uncapped, 17cm posted; Section Width: 0.9cm; Barrel width: 1.2cm   
Nib size: Medium (M)    
Price: $35 for each pen including registered shipping
Payment: Paypal
More pics can be found at: http://www.flickr.co.../103501065@N05/
For any queries about the pen or shipping, please send a PM or email.



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#277 Pen Buying Tips for Newbies

Posted by PointyThings on 09 July 2011 - 01:06 PM

I know many of you on FPC have been collecting for years, but I often have new collectors contact me about buying a pen.

So here are a few tips for those newer buyers to consider when shopping for a writing instrument. And although I reference fountain pen, this advice applies to any writing instrument.

Ask Questions

If a seller doesn't provide the information you need to make a decision, don't hesitate to ask questions before committing to buy. Be respectful, but don't be afraid to ask about condition, size, nib width, etc. After all, it's your money being spent.

And while some sellers will gladly provide writing samples, others (myself included) see little value in such samples (especially when we have lousy handwriting that doesn't begin to demonstrate what a pen can do in the right hands).

Do Your Homework

If you want to learn more about a pen's history, poke around the web. A number of websites contain great information, including Fountain Pen Network (FPN), Richard Binder's website, and many others. Consult more than one website to develop a consensus.

Handle lots of pens at shops, pen shows, and at club meetings. Nothing beats hands-on experience, especially if you have an expert right there to guide you.

You should also research prices before buying. Search past auctions and sales on eBay, here, FPN, Pentrace, and other pen sale boards for prices of pens that have sold. Always keep in mind that model, condition, color, and other variables will have an effect on prices.

Keep in mind that the lowest price isn't always your best price.

Restored pens from well-known and respected dealers will usually sell for more money than an unrestored pen on eBay. You often get what you pay for. If you want a restored pen from a name you can trust, with a solid return policy and even a guarantee, you will usually pay extra. There are exceptions to this rule, but always check the reputation of the seller before buying -- especially if you consider the pen to be an expensive purchase.

If you are interested in a new, modern pen, but are scared by the list price, consider buying a used one in good condition. It's a lot like buying a recent model used car. Let someone else pay the premium on the new car smell, so you don't have to :-) That way, if it turns out you're not thrilled with the pen, you can often sell it for what you paid.

Be A Little Brave

No pen will perform the same for every person. How you hold the pen, the ink and paper you use, all will affect how a pen performs. Sometimes (especially when you buy online), you have to take a chance. I'm not talking about undisclosed problems (like damage or flaws), but how the pen works for you.

Some dealers (often dealers of new pens) have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked. I'll admit right now that many of us who sell the occasional vintage pen can't give such a guarantee. I'll back any promise I make about a pen, including its condition and that it will write well when used by someone who knows how to write with a fountain pen (if I sell it as restored). But I can't guarantee that you will like the pen's weight, balance, tactile feel or other more intangible qualities that are personal preferences.

That's where it's up to you to do your homework and visit a pen shop, show or club and handle pens in person to learn what aspects of a pen you might like. And, quite simply, take a chance and try the pen. If you don't like it, come here and sell it to someone who might like it better than you.

Make Sure The Pen Gets To You Safely

This is a pet peeve I have, especially for eBay. Many sellers who don't know pens (and a quite a few who do), will ship a pen loose in a bubble envelope. Don't let them do it!!!!

Always insist that a seller packs the pen carefully in a box to protect it from damage during shipping.

Some sellers wrap their pens in tissue or other cushioning material and slide the pen into a length of plastic PVC pipe. They then pack that into a box or padded envelope. It's almost impossible for a pen packed this way to be crushed or bent. However, I've had pens packed in PVC piping and padded envelopes arrive falling out of the envelope because the sharp edge of the piping tore the envelope. I still prefer boxes.

Also insist on shipping insurance, especially if the pen is being shipped within your country. International shipping poses different problems and solutions which I'll get into in a future post.

Be Flexible (you, not necessarily the nib)

In the end, be prepared to learn and make mistakes. Your tastes will change and evolve, so don't approach pen buying like an exacting science.

Buy some pens, try them out, get rid of those you don't like (or learn how to fix and adjust them), and buy some more.

Most of all, have fun.

This post has been promoted to an article

EDIT: This post doesn't begin to cover the issues of buying pens as a collector. That's a much bigger subject we'll tackle later.
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#220 Hello everybody!

Posted by 777 on 07 July 2011 - 06:55 PM

Hello to everybody on this forum! I want to first give a big, huge, THANK YOU to the creator of this forum!

I came over from the Fountain Pen Network after the market place changed. I found it to hard to use and was on the lookout for something new. I saw a few other boards pop up but all of them were complex...

Then, I found this one! Wow, it's just like the old days on FPN. I love it... :) Anyhow, I thought I'd introduce myself:

I'm Tyler Dahl, but I'm much better know as 777 of 777 Pen Repair. I run a home business restoring vintage fountain pens and grinding nibs. This has been a hobby, job, and passion of mine for quite some time now. I love it. :)

I like to occasionally sell pens in addition to repairing other peoples pens. Since the FPN market place went "goofy" I haven't been able to sell any pens at all... No one hardly looks at the for sale section anymore...

So, I look forward to doing some good business here with you all! I hope this forum will be fun and interactive like the old FPN market place.

That's all for now. :D I look forward to meeting you all, though I already know a few of you from FPN...

Best Regards,
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#553 Pelikan 100N F nib flexible - SOLD

Posted by Daniele on 25 July 2011 - 06:59 AM

Pelikan 100N, 14k gold nib, fine and flexible; imprint on the nib "Pelikan 585 14 Karat"; piston filler in perfect working condition, new seal; imprint "F" (nib size) on the turning-knob; gold filled clip and cap band ("fluted"); deep imprint on the cap "Pelikan PATENT". No cracks, dents, dings etc. The pen is in overall excellent condition.
Price: € 125. Payment: Paypal.
Shipping cost by courier (DHL or UPS or FedEx):
€ 10 EU (2-4 days) / € 15 Canada and USA (3-5 days) / € 20 worldwide (3-7 days).
First firm email takes the pen.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
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#5257 Aurora Italy Rollerball Pen

Posted by JCCJR on 30 April 2015 - 03:02 PM

Got a picture or a link? What price are you thinking? Can also use a decent, everyday roller?



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#5057 SOLD Toz Penkala Rexpen F NOS

Posted by adam11 on 08 January 2015 - 12:42 PM

Rexpen/Toz FP with very smooth gold plated steel F nib. Dark green marbled pen with gold plated accents. This is a cartridge filler and pen comes supplied with one long Pelikan international standard cartridge. Excellent, mint condition, I've only dip tested the nib. Nice bullet proof daily user pen.


13.2 cm with cap on,
12.2 cm without cap,
15.9 cm with cap posted.


Price: SOLD USD, worldwide shipping included in the price.


Images are an integral part of the ad, so I ask you kindly to examine them in detail. If it's not explicitly stated otherwise, my pens are sold in as found condition, but always cleaned, inspected and ready to write. As a rule, every pen I sell is at least dip tested; a writing sample makes much easier for you to see how does your future pen write.
Feel free to make reasonable offers. First " I want it" will get the pen. The pen will be on hold and payment is expected in 24 hours. If you cannot make that deadline please let me know and I will work with you. If you have any further questions, please contact me.


A little extra, a few details about Penkala and his factory.
TOZ/Penkala is one of the oldest and most famous Central European pen makers. It was named after its founder, the famous inventor and industrialist Slavoljub Penkala. In 1907. Penkala patented the first fountain pen in the world with a solid ink. Factory, still producing today, has a pretty long tradition- it is the oldest Croatian Pen manufacturer, with first factory built in 1906. In the early 20th century Penkala pencils and fountain pens were sold in more than 70 countries worldwide. Penkala's Factory in 1911. employed 800 workers.  
19/08/1927. The company Penkala Werke A.G. and Mr. Theodor Kovacs, Penkala associate, signed a contract with a large German manufacturer of ink Günther Wagner AG for production fountain Model 100. Pen and Kovacs bring to this work their patents and Wagner supplied infrastructure. Model 100 is probably the most legendary in the history of the fountain pen...the pen is today known as Pelikan 100.
In the period from 1912. to 1926. Penkala's factory was one of the largest factories in the world producing writing equipment.
More about this topic: http://en.wikipedia...._Eduard_Penkala
Images are an integral part of the ad, so I ask you kindly to examine them in detail. If it's not explicitly stated otherwise, my pens are sold in as found condition, but always cleaned, inspected and ready to write. As a rule, every pen I sell is at least dip tested; a writing sample makes much easier for you to see how does your future pen write.
Feel free to make reasonable offers. First " I want it" will get the pen. The pen will be on hold and payment is expected in 24 hours. If you cannot make that deadline please let me know and I will work with you. If you have any further questions, please contact me.











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#4799 Ink cartridges for postage only

Posted by Zoe on 22 September 2014 - 11:52 AM

Assorted box of Diamine cartridges, and 4 boxes Stypen style Blue & 1 Red for the price of postage US only from NYS.

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Posted by Rick Krantz on 19 June 2014 - 09:56 AM

Okay, haven't offered nibs in some time, so figured I had a bunch that I am not going to use anytime soon, so check this out.

Paypal works best.

Email me at: ckrantz3@msn.com to claim one nib or several.

I think I can ship these cheap, matter of fact, I'll take care of shipping.

Here you go, enjoy, email me if you really need a picture....

1) Wahl 2 (early style "wahl" in stylzed script) fine semi flex $30
2) Sheaffer Junior (1930's era) 2 sized nib, firm fine $20
3) Waterman 2A medium $20
4) Waterman 2 (early style curved "waterman" and "new york") semi flex fine $35  SOLD
5) Eversharp Skyline standard sized firm fine $20
6) Waterman 5A fine flex (will need "adjusted" and smoothed) as-is $20
7) Sheaffer Lifetime Senior flattop nib firm fine $45
8) Waterman 5 (later style, 1940's) fine rigid $25
9) Waterman 2 extra fine flex, long tines $60   SOLD
10) Waterman 2 fine semi flex $35   SOLD

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#3748 FS Esterbrook J and Nibs

Posted by mastersmith on 17 December 2013 - 12:37 AM

I have an Esterbrook J in a very nice green. It is in fantastic condition. If ink hadn't come out of the pen when I first went to clean it, I would have guessed it had never been used, as there are only a couple flaws in the pen. The pen itself is $30 including a 2556 nib. You can add any of the nibs below for 10% off the listed price. 
I have a group of Esterbrook nibs for sale with the above pen, or on their own. They are all in the original boxes unless otherwise noted. 
I have:
1461- Rigid Fine $7-SOLD
1551- Firm Med. School(2) $13
1554- Firm Fine $7-SOLD
2048- Flexible Fine $25.00-SOLD!
2284- Broad Stub $54.00- SOLD!
2314M- Relief Medium Stub(2) $38.00-ONE LEFT!
2556- Firm Fine(2) $10 
2668- Firm Medium(2) $15
9450- Extra Firm Posting $25
9461- Manifold Fine without box $15

Please contact with any questions.
Shipping will depend on quantity and location.

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#3495 (SOLD) FOR SALE - Vintage Montblanc 144, Piston filler, 1950's

Posted by libran88 on 04 October 2013 - 07:24 PM

Hi everyone

I have a Montblanc Meisterstuck 144 from 1950's for sale.. The condition of this pen is good considering its age.. There are minor scratches and on the body due to normal use but nothing major. Below are the description of this  pen:
Made from celluloid
Gold trim and the imprinted words "MONTBLANC-MEISTERSTUCK" still firmly intact and looks great and clear
Telescopic 2-stage piston fill, works perfectly, hold ink 
Very clear ink window, nice striped
two-tone14c OBB nib
Original 1950's flat feed
No name engraving
"144" and "OBB-" are engraved at the knob
No box and paper
Below are the picture of this pen.. I also attached a sample writing of this pen for your consideration. I would say this pen writes well and wet. The ink flow is good and no skipping. Suitable for daily writing and signature..
This pen is quite rare in this condition and is very collectible.I am looking for SOLD plus shipping at cost. Its very hard to find this pen in this good condition. Please pm or email me at yoongxiang@gmail.com.
Thank you for your consideration.



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#2998 leather pen wrap, handmade

Posted by PointyThings on 14 April 2013 - 10:00 AM

Yeah! Glad to see them up for sale. They look great!

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#2884 ~FS~ Parker Duofold Senior - Sea Green

Posted by Michael McNeil on 27 January 2013 - 08:15 PM

If you intend to make a purchase, please read "Rules, shipping,
etcetera" at the bottom of this post.

1932 Parker Duofold Streamline Senior in Sea Green (with black
veining). I have been told that this color is harder to find than
Mandarin Yellow and I believe that. This color of Duofold was only
made for about a year, possibly two years. I know it does not appear
in the 1934 Parker catalog, in the Duofold line. There is no brassing
on the trim and the color is exceptional. Most of the examples I have
and have seen in this color have some degree of discoloration. This
one has none that I can detect. Also, in the photo that shows the
filler button you can see the price sticker is still on the blind cap.
The sticker has either a letter or a number, which I cannot quite read
and "57" then "Med." and I think "10.00". The two things that might be
a minus are the barrel is imprinted with the name "Dr. F. Neuhoff".
The name imprint is rather subtle. I'm just mentioning it for full
disclosure. Also, I noticed that the imprint on the nib is a bit
light, like it was over polished. I was not happy when I noticed it,
but the only alternative would be to replace the nib and it is a great
writing nib. I suspect that the over polishing was done at the
factory, but I can't say for sure. The nib is a very smooth writing
Medium 14K Duofold and has a bit of a stub-ish effect. It's a nice wet
writer and I got some line variation with it. The barrel imprint is deep
and the letters are sharp edged. The overall condition of the pen
is Excellent.

Price $650.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping
see "Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.













Rules, Shipping, Etc.

The usual rules apply, the person sending the first e-mail on an item
~stating intent to purchase~ gets the item. I will give you 5 days to
decide if you like the pen or not. I prefer payment by PayPal but also
accept checks or money orders in USD. I can only accept payment by
PayPal from countries outside the U.S. I ship worldwide, so
international customers are always welcome.

Prices are post paid in the U.S., and will be shipped with delivery
confirmation and insurance. I normally ship inside the U.S. by U.S.
Postal Service Priority Mail. I can also ship to other countries by
Priority Mail, but I prefer to ship by Express International Mail. I
have to charge $20.00 to $30.00 USD extra by Express International
Mail, depending on which country the item will be sent to, but it can
be insured and can usually be tracked online.

Return Policy: I will always allow pens, or other items, to be
returned as long as it is not for a frivolous reason and the item is
returned in the same condition as when it was shipped from here. If
there should be a problem I would prefer the chance to fix the problem
or replace the item, when and if possible. Otherwise a full refund
will be offered. If you find a problem and choose to send the item
(pen, mechanical pencil, etc.) to someone else to be corrected, I will
not be responsible for any other problems.

All pens have been restored inside and outside, nibs adjusted and
smoothed, when necessary, clips tightened, etc. I give a lot of
attention to minute details on a pen, that some would not notice. All
pens and pencils will be in good working condition unless noted
otherwise. The pens have been ink tested. I restore the pens I sell,
as if they were going into my personal pen collection.

Happy penning!

Michael McNeil

E-mail:  michael@northwestpenworks.com

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#271 Greetings from your Host on FPC

Posted by PointyThings on 09 July 2011 - 09:20 AM

I suppose I should have been the first to post here, but there always seems to be something to do behind the scenes.

I'm Karl Barndt, the creator and admin for Fountain Pen Classifieds.

I'm a marketing consultant who specializes in online and direct marketing. I have a BA in English and would have had a BS in computer science if I stayed a fifth year in college.

I've been self-employed since graduating college in 1987 and my business has ranged from computer training, technical writing, graphic design, commercial book production (editing, design, and layout), website design and development, copywriting, search engine marketing, and, finally, marketing consulting.

In 1996 I picked up a Parker 51 Special set at a flea market in the Poconos (NE PA). I'd heard that collectors paid good money for these things, and I thought I could pick up fountain pens and sell them to raise money for my main collecting interest: antique pocket knives.

Well, I made the mistake of inking that 51 Special and writing with it. Luckily for me (or not), it worked perfectly (something I've since learned is not always the case). I was hooked, and my knife collecting quickly took a backseat to pens.

So, instead of selling that 51 Special set for knife money, I tucked it away and started picking up more pens and pencils, taking advantage of the bounty of flea markets and auctions in PA. eBay was new and viewed with skepticism, so the local pickings were great for a few years.

I sold my first pen on eBay towards the end of 1996 and attended my first pen show in early 1997 (Philly).

Now I was in deep. Picked up a copy of Frank Dubiel's Da Book at the show and started doing my own repairs. Broke surprisingly few pens because I've always been handy and can figure out how things work (from the ages of 10 through 12 I trash picked and assembled bicycles from parts and sold them to neighborhood kids for extra money).

The rest is history. I'm more of a hunter-gatherer than a disciplined collector, so I've acquired and sold quite a few pens over the years as my pen interests shifted. I've welded gold nibs (at least one of them looked good :rolleyes:), repaired damaged celluloid, and attempted almost every repair except nib retipping.

At the moment I'm known as one of the top vintage Lamy guys, and vintage Lamy is my current pen passion. I also like pens made from red and black hard rubber.

And now I've started a new pen forum.

As for "PointyThings," both pens and knives have points B)
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#260 Howdy From Tucson

Posted by Jim Sanders on 08 July 2011 - 10:40 PM

Most of ya'll on this board will know me from the "other" boards, but here's me in a nutshell.

I use my real name as my monkier, because I just like to be up front. I'm not one for hiding behind an alias. I believe that one of the only things worthwhile these days is a person's reputation. That's true for all businesses, including writing instruments and supplies.

Bio: I'm a 100% disabled Vietnam era Vet and am fully disabled, no longer working as a teacher. I had to quit teaching well over 2 years ago. I spent 27 years in Federal Service (17 in the USN and 10 as a civilian engineer for the DON). I taught for about 12 years, mostly middle and high school math. I miss the students but I don't miss the eduese psychobabble. I'm not here to preach education, I will though be glad to chat about that with anyone, that is, the state of our educational system in the USA. I ran a non-profit group called "Teaching Kids to Write Right" where I distributed several hundred student fountain pens and supplies to middle school students. That was some of the most fun I had in education.
I've been married to the same girl for 40 years, have a 36 year old son who is a secondary science teacher (unmarried) and a 38 year old daughter who is married with three girls. The youngest (3) is sleeping on our couch as we speak. She spends at least 3-4 days a week with Grammy and me. Being totally retired now, I still find it hard to not get too wrapped up in stuff and relax, but I'm working on it.
I've been active in the pen world since about 1988, starting with vintage pen scavenging, fixing, etc. and learning as much as I could from Father Terry, Frank D., and later from Richard Binder and others. I got to where I could fix almost all types of fill systems, set and adjust nibs, etc. and for about 15 years I did repairs. Along with the repairs I bought, repaired and sold vintage UK pens, mainly CS, Swan, Burnham, Summit, Mentmore and others, and Parker 1920's era, Sheaffer TDs, and some odds and end. This era, of about 10 years combined with starting a bonafide pen business kept me beyond too busy.
My tastes also shifted from vintage to more modern, which got me selling fountain pens as a dealer for most of today's popular pen lines.
As I continued on in the business I made money one year out of six, and surprisingly enough the IRS never audited me, but they did send me a letter and encourage me to set up an appointment with the SBA, with the hope that I could turn the corner. I think they were trying to tell me something.
In 2005 I pulled the plug on the business and sold off all my stock, which just about brought me even for the last year of taxes.
From that time I have done consignment selling for several very good pen friends, snagged a few pens here and there and sell for a small profit.
I can tell you that anyone who tries to start and maintain any business these days needs God's blessing and grace. It's hard work.
So, my goal is to keep the triple beam balance at zero; not buy anymore pen dollars than I sell, to buy again, through trading, selling, etc. I've managed to collect a few of my very favorite pens, which would keep me writing in themselves for about 10 millenia or so. I think my philosophy with pens is like it is with shoes, have a few very good pairs that will last for many years.

My pen stable is always in flux, but the core remains pretty much the same. To stay in my core group, the pen must be a piston filler, have a medium - broad italic or stub nib, and...........write very well. If it doesn't meet these conditions it doesn't stay unless I can get it into shape.
In my core group of pens:
  • Omas - Older red cotton resin Ogiva extra with medium modified stub nib.
  • Omas - More modern Milord with stock medium nib. One of the only stock nibbed pens I have. I need a break from line variation at times.
  • Omas - Blue royale celluloid special Ogiva LE (predecessor of the short lived Revelations) with a rare stock stub nib.
  • Omas - Society sterling silver FP. I got this one several years ago as an impulse buy. I think I paid $280 or so at auction. I had the broad nib ground to a cursive italic. Other than the cap not posting (not designed to post) it's a killer pen.
  • Montblanc - 149 (just after the Berlin wall came down) with a lovely OB nib.
  • Montblanc - 149 Paul Rossi LE, styled after the Hemingway. Often called the "poor man's Hemingway". I think this is the top pen in the herd. I was fortunate enough to get the pen from a very good and long time pen friend. It has an OBB with some slight modifications. It's not exactly a stub or italic but it is a bit squared at the tip, making a very nice writing experience.
  • Stipula Vedo - If you're not familiar with these you are missing a treat. I've had these two since they came out several years ago as a replacement for the Stipula 22. The steel stub nibs are as soft and smooth as you'll find in an 18K.
  • Stipula Eturia Alter ego, Piston filled of course with 1.1 mm stub. Let me plug Stipula's 1.1 and other modified nibs. I have yet to get a Stipula that didn't write right out of the box.
  • Stipula Eturia Amber, ditto.
  • Delta/Chatterley Stantuffo 2 in brown/blue celluloid. Stock Delta stub nib. Super writer as well.
  • In the world of Visconti, I have but one, one of Bry's Cosmopolitan pens that is vacationing in Italy right now. I hope to have it back soon.
  • Finally, my last pen is a Tibaldi Iride with, yes, a Bexley stub I had super tuned by Greg Minuskin. This pen has been in my possession now for the FIFTH time in the last 10 years. I will not sell it again. I promise. I think it wants me to be its daddy.
As far as inks, I've almost totally switched over to Pilot Iroshisuku. I tried a sample bottle some time back and have finally got to the point where it's all I use.

With papers, well, let's just say my OCD really took over a couple of years ago and I have $1000 worth of Rhodia pads, Moleskins, etc. and about 10,000 sheets of quality writing paper. I'm pretty well fixed on paper I think it's safe to say.

For my other endeavors, I try to play some golf, but my knees/ankles and back don't allow me to do more than 4-5 holes (with a cart), go for lunch and then finish the 9. Maybe more some day, I don't know. I am also taking up the guitar. I have a Taylor NS-52-CE acoustic electric nylon string, a Taylor T5-C2 Hawaiian Koa wood top (it screams), and a Martin standard acoustic electric. My one amp is a new Fender Mustang III that has more stuff going for it than something costing $500 more (I paid $300).

OK, that's pretty much it from me, from warm Tucson.

Best to all and let's make this board, Rock!
Jim Sanders

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#232 Hello, Pen Pals!

Posted by Frank on 07 July 2011 - 10:29 PM

I'm Frank (aka Frankiex at FPN), a FP user and collector from NJ (US)!
I'm a hobbyist, who also frequently fixes/sells pen found "in the wild".

I am a public school teacher, and I do use my pens daily! I usually teach MS/HS computers (grades 7-12), but I have also taught English and History at those grade levels. I am on several pen boards, and I also help run one (TFPC). Like many here, I no longer find FPN to be a productive place to buy/sell pens.

Thanks to Karl for setting up this board!


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#223 Registration not fully working?

Posted by 777 on 07 July 2011 - 07:43 PM

I've just registered to this awesome forum but I seem to be having some problems... I'd appreciate any answers you all might have for me. :)

1 - It still says "please register to take full advantage of this forum" in the upper right corner of each page. Why would it say this if I've already registered?

2 - I cannot view attached photos in peoples posts. Again, I thought this became unlocked after registering...

Is there a wait period or something? I did properly use the activation email so that's not the problem. Any thoughts on this?


777 :D
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#1729 Pelikan 400 Tortoise Excellent Vintage Fountain Pen from 1950s

Posted by Ulugtekin on 22 January 2012 - 04:20 AM

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

The price of this pen is $180

This is a Pelikan 400 with tortoise sleeve, dark brown cap and filling mechanism. This is a very beautiful vintage fountain pen from 1950s.

Partial brassing on on clips.
The pen is in excellent condition with some slght traces of use during its 60 years old.

The pen is in perfect cosmetic and working order.

Please look to the photos.
You can see all you need in them.

Flexible, EF, 14 Karat gold nib.
Imprint is on the nib.

If you need, please e-mail me - savas@ulugtekin.com - for any information or price thought.

You can see more details in, http://ulugtekin.com/1/

The price is $180 including registered airmail worldwide shipment as shipped to your door.

Kind regards,
Savas Ulugtekin

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#147 FS/Trade - Montegrappa Harmony Non-Production-Colour

Posted by Gobblecup on 04 July 2011 - 01:05 PM

I would like to trade, or maybe sell, my Montegrappa Harmony, in a non-production, deep and swirled resin colour (prototype ?). I bought it about 6 months ago, and since then I have only inked it twice. I don't know why, but as much as I love its looks, and as smoothly as its 'M' nib writes, it just doesn't call to me. I would really like to trade it for another pen, probably a Visconti, Montblanc or Pelikan. If you have any pen that would sell (not retail) between the $300-$400 range, please give me a PM or email for trade. I would especially like to try a Visconti Homo Sapiens, any nib size besides an oblique would be gladly considered.

~ C/C Filler (comes with converter).
~ 18k two tone 'Greek key' Montegrappa nib.
~ Sterling silver trim.
~ Resin body and cap.
~ Cap posts by screwing to the barrel end.
~ Faceted body.

Price: $375.00

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I only have used Diamine and Waterman inks so far in this pen. It is in like new condition, no flaws.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Thank you for looking!

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